A Break in our Scheduled Content by Eleni Georgiadis, superimposed over the Ukrainian flag

Heading into this week, I had a piece scheduled which would discuss the ways in which defining your style can help you to shop more consciously. I invested my time and energy in thinking this through, drafted, and prepared this article. We are heading toward spring cleaning and a transition from cozy sweaters and layers to brighter and lighter clothing heralding the end of winter and the lengthening of each day. It seemed like the perfect time to tie together the threads of closet cleanout and conscious consumption.

In light of what has happened in the world in the last few days, I just couldn’t run that piece. Normally, I like to save this blog as a space to ruminate on fashion and sustainability, shutting out the other pressures of the outside world. What has happened in Ukraine, however, simply cannot be overlooked. I understand that this situation can be overwhelming. If you are not in a headspace to read this, I totally empathize. I wish you healing and peaceful energy.

This week, we’ll be getting into how to process what is going on and how you can become involved.

Become a conscious consumer:

Think critically about the information you read or hear. Beware of articles which do not seem to come from trusted sources. Check the credentials of the content creators. Complete fact checks by comparing stats from a number of sources. Blindly accepting information without validating it puts you in a vulnerable position. 

Share Critically

Think about the information which you are putting out into the world. Consider the voices you want to magnify and what they are saying. Refer to step one as often as necessary. Check yourself to ensure that you are not giving a megaphone to individuals who do not deserve this attention.

Support Independent Journalists & Charitable Organizations

This situation, dire and disturbing, is upending the lives of millions of people. Check the Thrift 2 Fight socials as well as other trusted resources for a list of organizations and ways to get involved. Refer again to conscious consumption. Think critically about where your money and time are going. Remember that not all contributions are monetary. If you do not have the means to contribute financially, sharing and spreading the information about organizations and independent journalists is a great way to become involved at no financial cost.

Take care of others

Reach out to friends and family who may be feeling the impact of this situation acutely. Take time to show them love and to offer whatever you are comfortable offering, from a home-cooked meal to a safe space to share what they are feeling. 

Take care of yourself

The mental strain of a pandemic, plus an economic downturn, have left many people feeling brittle, as if they are stretched too thin to have the resilience to weather any other challenges. The humanitarian, economic, political, and social implications of the invasion of Ukraine would be a heavy burden to consider even in the best of times. If you find yourself overwhelmed, that is ok. Try to find ways to relieve your stress, seek out counseling or support in ways that are accessible to you, and take care of your physical body as best you can.

When I opened my google doc to polish up the article I had intended to run today, everything about it felt wrong. Rather than skip the week, I thought it would be best to use this space to share some strategies and resources for dealing with the very real impacts of a truly horrifying situation.

I promise we will be back to our regularly scheduled fashion content next week. Until then, sending the best to you all.

Eleni Georgiadis

Eleni Georgiadis is a classically trained horn player currently residing in Kentucky. Outside of music, she enjoys knitting, sewing, composting, kombucha brewing, and spending time outdoors. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her thoughts about sustainability and inclusivity in fashion, weaving together her technical knowledge, passion, and research.

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