Eleni Georgiadis

Food Waste by Eleni Georgiadis

Food Waste

This week in our Making It Work series, Eleni is focusing on food waste. After blowing our minds with some horrifying national statistics on food waste, she offers a wide range of options for reducing your own food waste footprint. 

Valentine's Day by Eleni Georgiadis

Valentine’s Day

In this week’s blog, Eleni gives us a deep dive into the fascinating history of Valentine’s Day, addresses the many conflicting emotions that can arise around this holiday, and gives us some environmentally-friendly gift ideas.

Visible Mending by Eleni Georgiadis

Visible Mending

This week in our Making It Work series, Eleni shines a light on mending your clothes. Rather than hiding this craftsmanship away, she’s exploring the world of visible mending, which has a rich history with multiple techniques to choose from.