Celebrate and Advocate by Eleni Georgiadis, Thrift 2 Fight Blog

Celebrate and Advocate

This week in our Making It Work series, Eleni evaluates New Year’s Resolutions and the unnecessary criticism of others that can arise from lofty goals. Instead, she suggests that we celebrate the incremental changes that others achieve, and advocate for large-scale change from the institutions and systems that should provide it.



This week in our Making It Work series, we’re exploring the world of “greenwashing” with Eleni – the term for marketing & branding campaigns that prey on our desires for good and capitalize on the profit without actually accomplishing… anything.

Why I Hate Ugly Sweaters

Why I hate “ugly sweaters”

This week in our Making It Work series, Eleni is focusing on a seasonal oddity that is both hilarious & troublesome at the same time – the Ugly Sweater. In addition to explaining the damaging environmental consequences of fast fashion capitalizing on this trend, Eleni also gives us some sustainable ways to create and enjoy “ugly” sweaters without harming the planet.

Why is Clothing Sizing Fake

Why is Clothing Sizing Fake?

In this weeks blog post in our Making It Work series, Eleni is tackling the age-old question – what is my size? Turns out, the answer to this is annoying and elusive, thanks to an unfair and un-inclusive system permeating the fashion industry.

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

This week in our Making It Work series, we’re diving into holiday gift giving with Eleni. She has great tips for all the ways to make your holiday gift-giving a sustainable practice, starting from the kind of gift you buy, to how you buy it, and even how you wrap it.

Haul Videos

Haul Videos

On this week’s blog in our Making It Work series, Eleni focuses on the rise of the haul video – how this social media format relates with consumer trends, its impacts, and how you can watch and evaluate them with a critical eye.

The Closet Cleanout

Last week, Eleni explained all the ways you can take extra care to make sure your clothes last as long as possible in our Making It Work blog series. This week, she tackles what to do when it’s finally time to clean out that closet and give those older items a new home, or, a new use!