The Closet Cleanout

Last week, Eleni explained all the ways you can take extra care to make sure your clothes last as long as possible in our Making It Work blog series. This week, she tackles what to do when it’s finally time to clean out that closet and give those older items a new home, or, a new use!

Making It Last

Make It Last

In the latest blog of our Making It Work series, Eleni explains different ways to make your clothes last. This means all things laundry – everything from how you do it, to what you use, and finally, how often.

Stop Calling Your Polyester Robe a Kimono

Stop Calling Your Polyester Robe a Kimono

Using appropriative language is never okay, and it’s especially prevalent in the fashion industry. We are all familiar with cultural appropriations, whether or not we have recognized them as such. The more we learn about this prevalent issue in the fashion industry, the more steps we can take to address it. In this latest blog post, our favorite writer Eleni dives into this topic and sheds some light on the issues at hand.

Haloween Fashion

Halloween Fashion

With Halloween just around the corner, we know you’re ready to show your style with a new, great costume – but proceed with caution. Halloween can be a huge contributor to unnecessary landfill waste with all of the cheap, plastic costumes we buy for that one party, only to be tossed in the bin on November 1st. To learn more about how you can still dress up without causing damage to our planet, our favorite blogger Eleni has some tips for you.

Let's Make Pants Work for You

Let’s Make Pants Work For You!

Speaking of online things – this week, we have another post in Eleni Georgiadis’s Making It Work series for you! This one is a focus on all things pants – how to make any thrifted pant work for you, taking into account everything from length & fit to style & customizations.



This week, we also have another fantastic article by our friend Eleni Georgiadis in her Making It Work series! This series explores the intersections of sustainable fashion and activism, and her latest piece is all about microplastics

Skinny Jeans are not Dead

Ever wondered why or how certain trends get driven to the grave? Who’s in charge of this, and are there any negative impacts? Turns out, there are — trend driven fashion is directly tied to classist and environmentally destructive practices perpetuated by the fast fashion industry.

Come As You Are: Welcome to "Making It Work" series by Eleni Georgiadis

Come As You Are

Today we are sharing the first blog post in a new series called “Making it Work,” written by our friend and contributor, Eleni Georgiadis. This series of articles explores how to make thrifted clothing work for you with tips for shopping, cleaning, altering, and upcycling.