JUNE 2020
In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and fueled by hundreds of years of racial injustice, protests against police violence erupted around the country. We knew from our own personal experiences that despite a deep personal investment in racial justice, not everyone has the same access to protests due to a variety of safety, health, and accessibility concerns. People are eager to build activism into their everyday lives, but activism is not a one-size fits all experience for everyone.

We were witnessing the Black Lives Matter movement become one of the largest movements in U.S. history, with over half of its supporters having never participated in activist work before. We also knew that a movement of this size, despite having a large amount of supporters, desperately needs consistent funding, particularly at the local level. 

So, Sarah Goldberg, Anna Siftar, & Masha Zabara gathered clothes from their friends and neighbors and sold them on a front porch, raising $680 in one afternoon. All that money was sent to protesters and black organizers in New York City. The inaugural team was so energized by the community support they received that they expanded their work force to include: 
~ Kristoff Lalicki, Collin Lewis, Jillian Reed, Elle Ricciardi, & Danielle Luisa del Rosario ~ 
and ran 15 more pop-up sales all around the Hudson Valley, raising over $15,000 for organizations and activists all over the country.