Masha Zabara


Director of Development & Strategy

Masha Zabara grew up in Minsk, Belarus, playing cello, acting, writing, and occasionally skipping classes to attend protests against dictatorial oppression (where they would be caught repeatedly by their own father). In 2012, Masha’s passion for music and theater took them to the United States, where they went first to Shattuck St. Mary’s High School in Minnesota, and then to Bard College in New York. Masha left college in 2018 to concentrate on their career in film and music, branching out into event videography and becoming a go-to cinematographer for Bard College Alumni/ae and Admissions Departments.

Masha is passionate about finding ways to challenge oppressive systems through innovation. As an immigrant, learning about the long history of racial inequality in the United States was a pivoting moment for them. Masha aims to help create a global movement of funding Black & Indigenous queer justice and the abolition of police & prisons through community-funded sale of secondhand clothing, while encouraging active discussion about human rights and equity. Ideally, they would also like to contribute to toppling Belarusian dictatorship.