Thrift 2 Fight Items as Astrological Signs

After doing some deeply saddening research on the general state of the planet for the last few weeks, I thought it might be nice to break things up with something lighter. I know that for some people astrology is a far more nuanced and meaningful practice, and I do not mean to take away from that. In this piece, I hope to provide a little entertainment as well as introducing a few technical terms for construction details in clothing.

Symbol: The Ram
Core Traits: Competitive, energetic, impuslive, fearless.

This fire sign, ruled by Mars, houses people who are naturally born leaders. An Aries loves to be at the head of the pack and finds joy in tackling new projects. Passionate, creative, and vivacious, an Aries jumps in headfirst. This sporty look features reflective piping, and an oversize exposed zipper which contributes to the vintage athleisure aesthetic. The striking red and black contract makes this piece an easy to wear statement, perfect for stepping out ready to take on the world.

Symbol: The Bull
Core Traits: Resolute, stubborn, grounded, sensual.

Serene and pastoral, a Taurus knows patience, grace, and deliberation. This earth sign houses individuals who work hard and manifest material success. Determined, stable, and reliable, a Taurus delivers on promises. This A-line skirt sits on the natural waist, offering a timeless silhouette. Muted earth tones allow this piece to pair with other neutrals or brighter colors, meaning that this wardrobe staple will work as hard as any Taurus. The contrast striped trim reveals a hint of sophistication and nuance in this otherwise standard piece.

Symbol: The Twins
Core Traits: Witty, Curious, Charming, Whimsical.

This mercurial sign houses individuals who are bright and curious. Driven by whimsy, these energetic and occasionally erratic individuals bring spontaneity, creativity, and the thrill of discovery to their daily lives. This ankle length skirt features a gathered waistband, giving flowy fullness to the garment. The bright pattern on the soft and drapey rayon creates a look which can be dressed up or down, as your fancy strikes.

Symbol: The Crab
Core Traits: Compassionate, generous, sentimental, nurturing.

Loyal and protective, Cancers fiercely defend their loved ones. The individuals housed by this water sign like to take the initiative. A Cancer possesses strong communication skills and understanding of their own emotions. This one-of-a-kind upcycled piece allows the wearer to make a statement without saying a word. The translucent paneling creates textural variety in the piece. T-shirts and other garments without a “wow” factor can clog up thrift stores, but a little upcycling is all it takes to transform these pieces into something stunning. This repurposing for planet earth is perfect for a compassionate and nurturing sign.

Symbol: The Lion
Core Traits: Charismatic, generous, optimistic, dramatic.

This sun sign houses leaders who love to be in the spotlight. Leos blend passion and creativity with consistency, which gives them a certain draw as leaders in a group.This colorful jumpsuit demands attention. The wide leg silhouette and graceful scooped neckline create a fun and timeless silhouette in a bright pattern. Perfect to pair with a belt, jacket, or fabulous sandals, this outfit oozes the drama and style which Leos crave.

(Full disclosure, I am a Leo 🦁)

Symbol: The Maiden
Core Traits: Analytical, service-oriented, detailed, health conscious.

This earth sign houses individuals who bring single minded focus and methodical execution to all that comes before them. A Virgo is a resourceful and dynamic individual, who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Cozy and versatile, this cardigan lends itself to a variety of situations. Cabled detailing on the shoulders creates texture, along with the statement buttons, and rounded collar. This piece lends itself to a variety of situations, offering practical warmth and style for a Virgo on a mission.

Symbol: The Scales
Core Traits: Romantic, creative, indecisive, eloquent.

An air sign ruled by Venus, Libra houses individuals who are ambitious, vivacious, and generally logical. As the scales in their symbolic representation suggests, a Libra finds and creates harmony and balance. This beautiful vintage dress showcases a classic sheath silhouette with a few updated details. Featuring velvet, decorative embellishments, and a square neckline, this modified wardrobe staple is romantic, soft, and classy, perfect for a Libra.

Symbol: The Scorpion
Core Traits: Magnetic, power-seeking, enigmatic, spiritual.

Imbued with emotional and intellectual perception, a Scorpio understands underlying issues and clandestine facts. Curious and articulate, this sign possesses a strong gift for communication. This one of a kind custom vest features dark denim with a powerful statement written on the back. With pockets, a custom patch, and sturdy double seamed denim construction, this upcycled look is perfect for a Scorpio.

Symbol: The Archer
Core Traits: Free-spirited, introspective, genuine, wanderlusting.

Ruled by Jupiter, this fire sign houses individuals who are creative, versatile, and driven to uncover the truth. A Sagittarius thrives in building connections and getting to know others. A right red and white floral print invokes an “island inspired” look, vacations, and time spent in the sun. Easy to style with a variety of other pieces, this shirt offers a fun versatile wardrobe stable which fits perfectly into the Saggittarius aesthetic.

Symbol: The Goat
Core Traits: Traditional, industrious, disciplined, down-to-earth.

Grounded and dependable, a Capricorn is thrilled to take the initiative and rise to a challenge. These tenacious individuals work hard to achieve their goals, while bringing the stability of an earth sign to their endeavors. A Capricorn is also one of the more loquacious signs. A staple of the early aughts which has cycled back into fashion, this earthy sweat suit offers options for a variety of styles. Wear the pants and jacket together or separately, dress it up or down, run errands or head out. This outfit is as dependable as a Capricorn!

Symbol: The Water Bearer
Core Traits: Eccentric, individualistic, progressive, humanitarian.

This air sign houses individuals who carry a vision for effecting positive change in the world. Progressive, curious, and intellectual, an Aquarius brings a humanitarian perspective. This stunning jacket features a beautiful floral print. The bell sleeves and contrasting bias tape create structural interest. This represents an updated take on the wardrobe staple of the blazer, and would be the perfect look for creating the change you want to see in the world.

Symbol: The Fish
Core Traits: Empathetic, artistic, psychic, dreamy.

Intuitive and empathetic, a Pisces brings flexibility and understanding to all that they do. The final sign in the zodiac, this sign houses elements of all the others. This vintage dress features a collar, buttoned top, pleated skirt, and dreamy floral print. The incorporation of so many structural elements creates an interesting and detailed piece. A prescient Pisces knows that the cyclical nature of fashion ensures that this piece will be stylish over and over again.

Eleni Georgiadis

Eleni Georgiadis is a classically trained horn player currently residing in Kentucky. Outside of music, she enjoys knitting, sewing, composting, kombucha brewing, and spending time outdoors. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her thoughts about sustainability and inclusivity in fashion, weaving together her technical knowledge, passion, and research.

Image of Eleni Georgiadis, writer