— Old Models

Thrift 2 Fight is a shift from the antiquated “charity shop” formula. In that outdated model, the giver is on a privileged pedestal and the receiver is an abstract, disadvantaged “other.” 

The needs of the receiver often go un-examined, meaning that their roots in white supremacy, the Prison Industrial Complex, exploitative capitalism, racism, sexism, & ableism go un-examined as well.

— New Priorities

Thrift 2 Fight instead prioritizes addressing and engaging with these root problems.

We are creating a system of generative & circular community care, where community members are able to buy the goods they need at prices they can afford. 

We also provide an opportunity for people to learn about activists & organizations in their community, while helping to fund that activism with their purchase.

— Show the Receipts

This confrontation of a system of exploitation and a re-imagining of community-centered retail is what sets Thrift 2 Fight apart from Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other brick-and-mortar thrift stores. Our customers are empowered to know where their dollars go after exchanging them for stylish, affordable second hand clothing.

Our radical transparency with posted receipts and willingness to confront the need for real change is what will create & sustain a community of Thrifters & Fighters.

— Consistent Funding

Thrift 2 Fight’s pop-up sales, rack residencies, and hosted sales are all entirely volunteer-run – this allows us to donate 100% of sales to organizations centered on racial, social, and climate justice activism. 

Our Values


We strive to constantly and consciously combat systemic racism, climate change, and social in justice with every action we take. We know that this requires fighting for the abolition of police, prisons, and other inherently corrupt and colonialist systems.


It is our main goal to fund, support, and amplify the work of life-long activists who are and have been fighting for racial justice.


As a team, we work on fostering an understanding of racial justice, queer liberation, and decolonization. Our work in educating ourselves is never finished, and we strive to provide an encouraging educational environment anywhere we go.


Thrift 2 Fight is not a niche hobby thrift shop or warehouse of overpriced goods. It is a place where you can get what you need at a price you can afford, while knowing that you made a contribution to local activists’ work. With our business model, financially contributing to causes you care about does not have to be a rare privilege.


When you thrift to fight, you are accepted, welcomed, and loved. Your identity is your crown. It’s our honor to provide the rest of the accessories. 


As a retail business, we bear the responsibility of taking care of our community and divesting from the perpetuation of needless consumerism, exploitation, and centralization of power. Thrift 2 Fight is, first and foremost, a means of funding local radical activism efforts. This is an act of solidarity.


Where there is learning, there are mistakes. Everyone involved in the Thrift 2 Fight initiative is expected to practice radical accountability, both between each other and with our community. We accept and welcome feedback, criticism, and ideas for how we can develop this initiative to best serve our community.


We sincerely value our team members and the work they contribute to our movement, and we firmly believe gratitude is not enough. Once an operational storefront is established, we strive to pay our collaborators livable wages that not only compensate for the work they’ve contributed, but provide for their financial security. This includes compensating our local artists.

Customer reviews

Siv, T2F Shopper

“Thrift 2 Fight has an excellently curated selection of vintage clothes, with a good variety of sizes which isn’t always true [of] secondhand!”

Jonah, T2F Shopper

“In a world filled with injustice, it’s hard to grapple with how to contribute to the efforts of retaining democracy and helping the people who need it most. Thrift 2 Fight kills two birds with one stone by providing not only a way to help, but a method of pursuing fashion devoid of child labor and environmentally unfriendly practices.”

Tyler, T2F Shopper

“I loved being able to support great causes while buying clothes at an affordable price. It was great to see people organizing and engaging during this isolating time. I’m looking forward to coming to more Thrift 2 Fight events in the future.”

Mila, T2F Shopper

“Thanks so much! I have a bunch of stuff that I’ve bought from y’all (both the shirt and skirt I’m wearing right now!).”