Thrift 2 Fight mobilizes secondhand fashion to fund and amplify the work of grassroots social justice initiatives.

$49,191 raised so far

$49,191 raised so far

We prioritize supporting abolitionist initiatives because we believe that the abolition of police and prisons is necessary to achieve justice, equity, and peace.

T2F Tivoli Store is Open! 48 Broadway

Activism isn’t one size fits all. So, when we say “Join the Movement,” we don’t just mean “Come shop at our sales.”

We are inviting you, wherever you are, to join us in the pursuit of radical queer, racial, and disability justice and to help us raise money for the organizations that do this important work.

It could be purchasing at our Shop in Tivoli, ordering from our Online Store, donating your pre-loved clothes, or hosting your own Thrift 2 Fight rack or pop-up sale.

Or it can be engaging with the educational materials on our social media, learning more about our network of activists and organizers, or even volunteering with us!

When you Thrift 2 Fight, you:

Support the environment
Contribute to local racial justice initiatives
Enjoy the artistic, accessible, and approachable ambience of our stores and pop-ups
Learn about abolition and LGBTQ+ BIPOC initiatives
Participate in the movement by organizing your own chapter sales

Together, we envision a world in which community action is sustained by a circular system of clothing recycling.

News & Media

February 10, 2022: Tivoli has a new thrift shop that is unlike others. “We worked really hard on it,” said Masha Zabara, co-founder of Thrift2Fight. “Everything that you see around me right now has been built with the hands of our friends and supporters and people that have followed the Thrift2Fight movement for the past two years. That mission is to raise funds for organizations working toward racial justice, disability rights and queer liberation.” -Read more-

February 5, 2022: When widescale protests against police brutality broke out in the summer of 2020, the idea for Thrift 2 Fight was born out of a conversation between friends in the Hudson Valley. What followed was a series of pop-up clothing sales to raise money for social justice organizations, which coalesced into a model for supporting grassroots social change through the ethos of thrift, with a brand-new brick-and-mortar thrift store in Tivoli, NY. -Read more-